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debt recovery

 We provide different types of debt recovery services:

 1) Pre-trial debt recovery – during this procedure we are contacting with your debtor, sending notices on outstanding debts, making debt repayment schedules and taking other actions which ensure that the debtor will fulfill his obligations.

 2) Judicial debt recovery - judicial proceeding should be initiated in case when the pre-trial debt recovery procedure has become ineffective.

We are preparing:

Claims for repayment of the debt - a written demand to the debtor to fulfil his obligation. The purpose of this stage is to require the debtor to fulfil it obligation by means of a pre-court dispute resolution procedure and to avoid court proceedings. 

Applications for a court order - the cheapest and fastest way to recover debts in court. In this procedure, the parties are not summoned to court, as the court does not hold hearings to hear the case, and the court's decision is taken on the basis of the application.

Actions - compared to an application for a court order, this is a much more complex, time-consuming and costly judicial process for debt recovery. The court will always set hearings to hear the case, unless there is a possibility of a default judgment (e.g., if the debtor does not file a statement of defence). It should be noted that an action is effective where it is known in advance that the debtor is inclined to dispute the debt (either the amount of the debt or the fact of the debt itself), or where the debtor's place of residence or place of work is unknown.

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